THE Top 5 Legitimate Paid Survey Sites Where You Can Earn Money Giving Your Opinion:

Can you make money taking surveys? Are online surveys a scam or a legit work from home Opportunity?

Making money taking surveys should be one of the most simple and quick ways to earn some hard cash. People all around the world have realized the ease and efficiency with which Internet paid surveys can supplement their income, and are happily adding to their incomes.

Our Scam Review Team investigated the top 25 paid surveys and separaed the the legit online paid surveys from the online survey scams. The majority of the programs we found were mostly about useless data, with no paid survey involved!

So, how exactly do legit paid surveys work?

Well, hundreds of thousands of global companies require real data from real people. They use this voluminous amount of data to analyze people’s tastes and preferences, and this helps them in developing their marketing methodologies and sales pitches. So these companies pay – and pay well – in return for giving them a little information about you!

How Can I Make Money Taking Surveys Online?

Simple. Sign up for different online survey programs. The companies will contact you when they have an on-going survey. You spend a few minutes filling out their form (and trust us, it’s a lot of fun!); and they pay you for your “services”. How easy is that?! Is it any wonder then that people are rushing to sign up for these programs?

Anything else I should know about making money online by taking surveys?

Make money taking surveys online pay enough to act as a supplement to your bank-balance, and very rarely can they generate enough money to act as the primary source of income. It’s more like instant coffee, than a whole meal…

And having said that, paid surveys are certainly quick money – and good money – for doing almost nothing at all! If you are ready to get started, we’ve found some very good and some not so good paid survey sites and even some deceiving paid online surveys scam sites too. Check out our Best Paid Surveys Programs reviews below.

Top 5 Paid Surveys: Updated on

#1 – Our Favourite Paid Survey

Can you really make money taking surveys online with is the most popular online survey service on the planet to make money taking surveys. They have more staff adding more surveys than any other site. We put this program to the test and this is what we found out:


  • NUMBER 1: The #1 internet survey program to make money taking surveys is And they are at the top for a good reason. They have the goods; and they deliver. This program is well-respected and one hundred percent legit.
  • INSTANT MONEY: has an extremely fast and efficient turn-around rate. And you’ll be counting the dollars in no time at all…


  • There really is nothing, but if you insist on nit-picking, well, their advertising and hype-generation might be a tad over the top for some people’s taste…

Our Final Verdict:

If you’re looking to make some quick cash, and have fun while you’re at it, then is definitely the way to go. Our favorite make money online by taking surveys.

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#2 – Our Favourite Paid Survey

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